Monday, October 20, 2008

Hot For Teacher

One of my jobs can be to help a person develop a great sense of hygiene.  In one particular case I had to help Julian shower comprehensively.  This meant I would just check in on him and direct him verbally to wash here or there, wash his hair, rinse thoroughly, etc.  I always had to remind him to dry off really well.  He was normally concentrating on something else, something far more important like the news, a memory or who knows what.  He would pace about his room, water dripping off.  I entered his room on one occasion and before I could say a word he exclaimed, "Kristen!". (Okay, let me interrupt myself to explain that this man has a library of music in his head and there is no telling when a music video or song will burst through.) 
"Yes Julian!" I exclaimed back.  I knew it must be important and awesome.  It normally was.
He was toweringly tall.  He expanded his arms as wide as possible gave me jazz fingers, a cheshire smile and there in all his naked, sopping wet glory exclaimed, "HOT FOR TEACHER!"  "Wow!" I said, told him to get dressed, left the room having no idea what just happened.  This also happened often.  
Later that night I went home to my husband.  I said, "Hun, you know what 'Hot for teacher' is?" "Yeah. Why?"
I explained to him the events that had transpired in the past few hours.  He lost it laughing.  He explained to me that Eddie Van Halen had a song by that title and at the very end of the music video he did that very same movement (mind you, with clothes on, but still, the very same movement).  Sometime in the future I saw this video with Julian and it all became clear, but I'll never forget the image of him naked in his room reenacting "HOT FOR TEACHER". 

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