Monday, October 20, 2008

Who I Am - What I Do

I am a social worker.  That's  a broad term.  I work one on one with individuals with special needs.  (Secretly, I think we all have special needs.)  I have six people I work with.  They all range tremendously.  Some use vocal chords and some don't.  Some can walk and some can't.  Some have a tremendous amount of physical needs and some have a tremendous amount of social needs.  

I am never bored and I am never quite sure what each day will bring.  I may have an idea only to have fate laugh in my face.  I normally laugh along.  It's about all one can do and most of the time it's hilarious anyway.  

Since I'm often asked to repeat what happens in my job to people I on a regular basis, I thought I'd start this blog.  I have changed the names.  I want to honor the people I work with and would never want to make light of them more than I would make light of my own self or situations.  We are all equals.  The comedy in these stories is not meant to entice a finger pointing laugh out loud reaction to the people I work with, but really to appreciate the hilarity of life itself and how we all have our own ways of dealing with its great comedies and tragedies.

I hope you enjoy these stories as much as i enjoy my work.  

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